My Pet Peeves

  • Little girls dressed up as brides for Halloween (this has annoyed me since I was in pre-school and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere)
  • Bad stair & escalator etiquette (is it so hard to stay to the right?)
  • White people who complain about “reverse racism”
  • Confusing correlation with causality
  • Using the subtext to excuse the text (just because a piece of art has a potentially pro-gay, anti-racist, and/or feminist subtext does not excuse oppressive elements of the actual surface text)
  • So-called equal opportunity offenders (“It’s okay for me to make fun of gay people because I also make fun of straight ones.” Sorry, but no, that’s not how it works.)
  • Professors who somehow believe they are the only ones giving out work over vacations
  • Change machines that spit out dollar coins in exchange for dollar bills (someone out there is really missing the point!)
  • Being told that if I’m offended by something, I should just not watch/read/listen/etc. to it
  • Shirts with patterns on the front that don’t go all the way around the back
  • Sitting in an aisle seat on the bus next to an empty window seat when there are people standing
  • Describing a given form of bigotry as “the last socially acceptable prejudice” (I’ve heard this about sexism, homophobia, sizeism, ableism and prejudice based on religion or politics so, erm, apparently not)
  • Being told by strangers to smile
  • Stealing from nonprofits
  • Professors who think they can single-handedly stop grade inflation by giving low grades
  • Fake pockets
Hopefully posting these will help me stop being so annoyed by them, or at least take the edge off.

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