Girlfriends to the Front

A friend and I were recently discussing dedicating a day to the celebration of female friendships.  Kind of like mother’s and father’s days.  Nothing political (overtly anyway – because how can celebrating the ways women relate and connect and support each other not be political in this world of catfights and Mean Girls?), just a day for girlfriends in the non-lesbian sense to spend time together, spoil each other, and say the things that might normally go unspoken: I love you, you’re important to me, I couldn’t do this without you.  I don’t know who I’d be without you.  It just seems wrong that romance gets all the ritual and put on this pedestal above friendship even though friends can be just as valuable as partners and shape you just as much.  The women in our lives, they put so much time and energy into building and maintaining these friendships, sometimes across years and continents, and it feels like that should be acknowledged.  That kind of devotion deserves to be named and celebrated.  Honored, really.


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