“The immediate effect of the Harrison antinarcotics law was seen in the flocking of drug habitues to hospitals and sanitoriums.  Sporadic crimes of violence were reported too, due usually to the desparete efforts by addicts to obtain drugs…the really serious results of this legislation, however, will only appear gradually and will not always be recognized as such.  These will be the failure of promising careers, the disrupting of happy families, the commission of crimes which will never be traced to their real cause, and the influx into hospitals for the mentally disordered of many who would otherwise live socially competent lives.” – New York Medical Journal, 1914 (Six weeks after the act was passed)

They knew.  They knew all along, and yet they’ve spent nearly a century passing laws, incarcerating their own, bombing Latin America with poisons, denying help to the sick, and they knew the whole fucking time.