(Latin) American Graffiti: The Walls Speak

A few of my favorites, mostly from Argentina:

  • True, crickets don’t work. But ants can’t sing.
  • Poverty is a time bomb.
  • Fight hunger and poverty! Eat poor people!
  • If you’re surprised by a storm at sea, pray, but do not stop paddling toward shore.
  • God lives, it’s a miracle!
  • Everybody makes promises but nobody keeps them.  Vote for nobody!
  • Blessed are the drunkards, for they will see God twice.
  • The revolution is the orgasm of the people.
  • When a politician says yes, he means maybe, when he says maybe, he means no, and when he says no, he means it’s not political.
  • A war may begin with a small detail…like a speck in the sky dropping bombs.
  • In ’73 we were on the brink, and today, we can proudly say that we have taken a step forward.

And best of all:

  • Tremble Fascists…Maradona is a lefty.